12 Stereotype Smashing Vegan Men

When you think of vegan men, the common association isn’t pretty: lacking muscle definition, delivering self-righteous platitudes with a nasally voice, sporting stringy hair and an overbearing sense of moral superiority, along with blatant ego-investment and runaway virtue signaling. While the stereotype isn’t entirely undeserved, times are changing. Today, vegan men are more and more likely to be fit, friendly yet firm in conviction, and dominating their chosen domain

Here’s a list of 12 guys who are shattering stereotypes one meal at a time.

1) Steve-O


Maybe he isn’t this best person start with. After all, Steve-O did become famous for stapling his balls to his leg. Nonetheless, today he still does comedy tours while looking better than ever. Check out his recent interview on The Hot Ones, where he talks about his past misadventures, near death experiences, and bright future.

2) Jared Leto


Jared Leto is hardly the only A-list Hollywood actor to adopt a vegan diet, but his range and profile is unparalleled. Along with starring in movies such as Fight Club and Blade Runner 2049, he also leads the alt-rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. Throughout his long career, he’s maintained a slim but fit ectomorph physique.

3) Mu Jin Han


Mu Jin Han is the ’53-year-old ageless drug-free vegan.’ Though obscure among the bigger names on this list, he maintains an active social media presence. Leveraging his Chinese ethnicity, he often trolls meat eaters with pictures of roasted dogs. He also takes frequent shots at moralizing activists, such as Direct Action Everywhere, who he thinks do more harm than good.

4 and 5) The Vegan Bros


Imagine mixing Tony Robbins with a fratboy Chad who glibly fucked your crush. Now divide that person into two. The result is the Vegan Bros, Phil and Matt. Taking cues from authors such as Napoleon Hill, they’ve revolutionized vegan activism while looking good doing it. Together, they have walked the line between coaching and marketing to create an effective brand for themselves.

6) Patrick Baboumian


If I told you the world’s strongest man is vegan, you’d probably say I’m full of shit. How ignorant you are. The Iranian-born Patrick Baboumian, a vegan since 2011, holds the world record for doing a yoke walk while carrying 560kg (1234lbs). Clearly this powerhouse isn’t lacking protein. Plus, he kinda looks like Wolverine.

7) David Goggins

David Goggins is another plant-based world record breaker. Overcoming racism, asthma, obesity, and a congenial heart defect, the former Navy Seal set a world record of 4030 pull ups over the course of 17 hours. He’s also done ultra-marathons. Joe Rogan has described him as the ‘world’s toughest athlete.’

8 and 9) Patrick Reiser and Mischa Janiec


Don’t let their size fool you. The Swiss bodybuilding duo and founders of ProBroWear are both vegan. I’d heard of these guys before. But it wasn’t until I saw a video from pick-up guru RSDMax (himself a vegetarian) that I learned the two goliaths are vegan. If these guys can look like gods on a vegan diet, what’s your excuse?

10) Nate Diaz

In the world of contact sports, Nate Diaz isn’t to be fucked with. Using his endurance and durability, he’s one of the only MMA fighters to beat Conor McGregor. Along with his brother, Nick, he’s a long-time vegan. Due to his notoriously bad temperament and lack of concern for public image, Diaz is usually loved or hated. But few deny his skills in the octagon.

11) Waka Flocka Flame

http _hypebeast.com_image_2017_01_waka-flocka-donald-trump-ass-wipe-tw

Waka Flocka Flame doesn’t mind rapping about murdering people. But his diet avoids unnecessary bloodshed. The 31 year old ditched meat and dairy in 2014 over health concerns. Since then, he’s shed the extra pounds and stuck with it. Unfortunately, he also lost a 2016 presidential run to Donald Trump.

12) Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons.jpg

The multi-talented Russell Simmons has always been ahead of his time. Along with founding Def Jam Records and the Phat Farm clothing label, he’s a long-time vegan and practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. His most recent bestselling book is entitled ‘The Happy Vegan: A Guide to Living a Long, Healthy, and Successful Life.’ He’s also an intelligent and impassioned speaker.

There you have it. As these 12 guys prove, vegan is no longer synonymous with weak.

What did you think of this list? Is there anyone I missed? Who most inspires you? More importantly, what are you doing to become your best self, thereby creating a positive masculine image to help popularize plant-based lifestyles?

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