Small Wins Matter

Another blog post. Fuck ya!

I know it doesn’t seem like much — a few hundred words glued together with a consistent theme — but especially when just starting a website like The Green Pill, tiny little wins like this matter.

Let me explain.

It’s easy to have a grand vision: in this case, starting a website which changes people’s lives and ultimately the world at large. It’s a lot harder to execute it. The gap between aspiration and reality can seem insurmountable. What is one to do?

The answer is simple – create small victories.

Taken in isolation, a single blog post isn’t going to make much of a difference in terms of content or traffic. But it accomplishes something indirectly: creating positive momentum to keep going.

You see, the longer I wait to publish a new article, the more difficult it will feel. There will be more pressure to make it profound, or flashy, or marketable. The longer I wait to write, the more I will have to push against the inertia of not writing.

On the other hand, by publishing this piece – however tiny an accomplishment – I’m creating the beginnings of a habit. If the habit is created and maintained, the ‘grand vision’ becomes less and less far-fetched. So while the big-picture of ‘why’ is important, it’s better to focus on executing the smallest, most immediate win.

Let me give another example. Last night, after an extra large dinner, I decided to skip my evening jog. “I’ll wake up early and do it tomorrow morning,” I told myself.

Predictably, as my alarm went off at 6am, I groaned at the thought of jogging, hit the snooze, and closed my eyes again. A second alarm sounded ten minutes later. This time I caught myself. Instead of thinking about jogging, I told myself to focus on the smallest possible win: getting out of bed. After the initial ‘achievement’ of standing up, I was on a roll. Suddenly, the thought of jogging wasn’t as terrible. A few minutes latter, I was out the door.

Everyone has a big dream that they want to accomplish ‘someday.’ The people who actually achieve their goals break them down into smaller tasks, have small victories, and turn them into habits. Little wins, while seemingly insignificant, create the necessary momentum for larger success.

As always, if this article inspired you, feel free share, like, or comment to let me know.

Also, this post was partially inspired by Charles Duhigg’s ‘The Power of Habit,’ which I’m reading right now. It’s an amazing book so far. If you want access to my exclusive reading notes, take a second and sign up for The Green Pill Newsletter.

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