New Year, Old You

It’s almost 2018: the start of a new year.

Wherever you’re at in life – whether in financial ascent or collapse, in the best or worst shape, breaking out or breaking down – take a moment to pat yourself on the back.

You deserve it.

True. You might not entirely be at fault for your condition. Some things are, after all, out of your control. However, you are ultimately responsible for yourself. You are the only person truly capable of creating the life you want.

You might argue that environment, peer groups, and external factors play a direct role in your personal outcomes. And you’re right.

But the question remains: who is responsible for putting you in the right environment, among the positive peer group, or surrounded by the best external influences. If listening to Tony Robbins every morning is really going to give you the motivation you need, or if having that regular coaching session is actually going to inspire a winning mindset, it’s still up to you to make that happen.

‘New Year, New You.’ It sounds nice. Most lies do.

It is a new year. But you’re the product of last year’s actions.

Don’t try to convince yourself that you’ll magically change on January 1st. You won’t. Instead, ask yourself what you want to accomplish and who you want to become by January 1st, 2019.

Then, get to work.

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