Review: Sorted! The Good Psychopath’s Guide To Bossing Your Life

I won’t lie. This book’s title is cringe-inducing. The trendy interest in successful psychopaths is beyond cliche. But I’m always looking for ways to improve performance and maximize social leverage.

In this regard, Sorted! delivers. It’s filled with mindset hacks and practical tips. Despite the name, it is not about psychopathy or morality. Rather, it presents a results-oriented stoicism, imploring the reader to set aside emotional baggage which might hinder accomplishment.

The book is divided into three primary sections: home life, work, and socializing. Often, as it happens, these areas bleed together.

If you’ve read other titles on productivity or charisma, much of the information in Sorted! won’t be entirely new. In fact, some sections were tediously redundant. Nonetheless, refreshers are helpful. And even obvious pointers will be valuable for readers with less experience. That said, parts of Sorted! are a goldmine of quality advice – even for an old-timer like myself. Whether you’re looking for an edge in marketing, negotiating through office politics, raising your GPA, or dating, Sorted! can help you win over hearts and minds while conquering your biggest enemy – yourself.

But Sorted! has some rough edges. It’s quite heavy on informal British colloquialisms. Many of the anecdotes lack apparent relevance. And verbose wit occasionally trumps clarity.

Despite these drawbacks and the cheesy title, Sorted! is all-together helpful. It’s a useful collection of actionable advice for achieving goals easier, faster, and – best of all – without torturing your neighbor’s cat.

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