The Simple Unspoken Reason Why People Go Vegan

People consciously decide to change based on two related considerations:

“Will the change improve my life, and will that improvement outweigh any cost of changing.” 

This applies to switching careers, tackling addiction, or almost anything else.

Most people take the vegan plunge in order to a) become healthier, or b) feel better about their role in the world (ex. their relationship to animals and/or the environment).

Along this vein…

Most vegan propaganda is ineffective at convincing non-vegans. The reason is simple, it doesn’t create the perception that switching to a vegan diet will improve one’s life – at least in a way that outweighs the perceived cost.

Vegans typically assume that all people care about animals in the same way. This isn’t true. Because most people were raised eating animals, they don’t automatically consider eating animals to be wrong. This is especially so in less developed countries where animals are butchered on the streets, not behind the obstructive facades of factory farms and marketing campaigns.

Moralizing and doom-and-gloom vegan propaganda usually does a horrible job of convincing people to care about animals. Instead, it creates a counter-productive impression that vegans are self-righteous and angry. This messaging appeals to a certain strata of people: usually teenagers and young adults who are looking for a cause to latch onto. Otherwise, it creates a negative image of veganism; sending the message that becoming vegan would decrease happiness and life quality. When a normal person sees an aggressive or emotion-laden vegan facebook post, they don’t think to themselves, “I want to be like the person who posted that.”

The most effective vegan activists are people who aren’t especially pushy. Instead, they are openly and proudly vegan but better known for their charm, success, positive attitude, and other admirable qualities.

Be chill. Most importantly, be someone that other people can look up to. Your attitude, behavior, and achievements are the best advertisements for veganism.

Light-hearted, funny, quirky, and showing a positive side: a good example of effective visual social media activism.



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