JBPWAVE is the perfect mix of Jordan Peterson and Jazzy Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in an anarchist safe space), you’ve heard of Jordan Peterson by now.

His popularity has snowballed over the past few months. News media has cried over his views on gender and free speech. His lectures and interviews, shared through Youtube edits, often discuss the importance of taking responsibility.

His quirky anecdotes and axioms have sparked internet memes about lobsters, among other things.

Thankfully, Akira the Don has added another twist.

The ‘JBPWAVE’ mixtape series weaves jazz-infused hip-hop with vocal samples from Peterson’s passionate yet philosophical lectures. In some cases, he’s goes comically deep:

If you like Jordan Peterson, you’ll love these mixes. If you’re not yet a fan, listen up:

Volume One opens with Peterson’s meme-ready trademark advice: “clean up your room.”

Volume Two is my personal favorite (video posted below). The chill vibe of the instrumentals flow especially well with the cadence of the vocals.

In the second half of Volume Three, Peterson relays a children’s book allegory about a dragon that doesn’t exist.


12 Rules for Life: The Album is Akira the Don’s latest offering in the series. Named after Peterson’s new bestselling book, it features a harder hip hop beat and a heavier sound: an appropriate audio backdrop to his blunt views on self-development.

JBPWAVE is far from being the next big genre. But it’s an ingenious and enjoyable blend that will have you nodding your head and looking for problems to solve.

Which would you prefer? Jordan Peterson over chill hip hop, or Les Brown over Italian Hardstyle?

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