Could You Do Bruce Lee Mode?

Asian New Years is coming up, so I have a couple weeks of vacation.

It’s not a great time to travel. Prices are sky high, and throngs of Asian flood the countryside and every single tourist destination. But the city is relatively quiet. In fact, it’s the only time of the year when the city is quiet. So I’ll be here, where I’m at..

Enjoying this is a golden opportunity.

I won’t waste it on mindless Youtube surfing, plate spinning, or even answering questions on Quora. I want to fully utilize this rare uninterrupted, distraction-free period of time.

The answer is Bruce Lee Mode: a short, intensive period of monk-like focus and discipline.

Still scratching your head? To put it simply:

For two brief days, absolutely no bullshit.

Foremost, no cell phones. No computers or TV. I’ll have to stow them away or even have a friend hold them.

Furthermore, no music or other media, books and newspapers included. I’m cutting off outside influence as much as possible. Definitely no junk food. No social obligations either.

I’ll challenge my drive towards personal mastery. I’ll immersively attend to self-development, self-direction, and self-discovery.
Unplugging to enter the dragon. When bad habits present themselves, it’s gonna look like this:

Each day will include a lot exercise and meditation, cleaning and fixing up things, going outdoors, cooking wholefood meals, contemplating and journaling. For a few short days, the best of the best behaviors guided by an internal sense of principles.

I’ll be disrupting daily patterns, imposing a better order on my activity, and gaining intuitive insight on my some of the most important questions. I’ll also be flexing my capabilities for self-control and discipline.

Maybe most importantly, I’ll have an excuse to go AWOL on Valentine’s Day.

Breakthrough or not, going Bruce Lee Mode will be a nice rest from the endless stimulation of modern life.

Don’t worry, guys.

I already have new content scheduled for this week.

In time for the Hallmark Hypergamy Holiday, I’ll be posting on dating, romance, and vegan masculinity. You’ll definitely want to check it out.

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