The 15 Different Ways Men Try To Get Laid

It’s an age old question, one which every man will at one point or another ask himself:

How can I get laid most easily?

The short answer is, there’s no one way that men going about doing in. Game, or trying to get laid with the least amount of investment, can be played in various ways. Different men often use different sexual strategies.

Here are the main styles I’ve seen:


Technical game Viewing the interaction as if it was a roadmap through open, attraction, qualification, rapport, and arousal. This is the old-school Mystery Method, Love Systems, and London Daygame models of pick-up.

Friendly dude game A guy, usually older, who has technical game down to intuitive instinct but is very discreet. Typically relies on day 2s and has solid logistics and a great lifestyle to make the pulls easier.

Compliance Game (fuckboy game) Calibrated escalation and just enough comfort to get the girl horny enough to fuck. Could take hours or weeks.

Screening Game Shorter-game version of the above. Screening for girls that are dtf, escalating and pulling fast. Good Looking Loser is a good resource for this style.

Lifestyle Funnel Game Using your unique high-value lifestyle and communication reach to draw in attractive women for short encounters. Dan Bilzerian is an extreme example.

Online game (Tinder/OKC) Not my cub of tea, but I’ll occasionally bang from it. Highly relies on Text game, which isn’t really game….. I think….. But I’m not sure, because My Text Game Sucks.

Non-Game Game

Real Natural Game These guys had a lot of early positive reference experiences with women creating a positive feedback loop of success. For them, it’s weird that other guys read about this shit.

Mindset game (Inner Game) Trying to build up your self-esteem and develop mindsets which attract and close women. No real game involved. And not really effective.

If you build it they will come game (inner game) “Working on yourself” Developing yourself in various ways (fitness, social, career, hobbies) with the belief that it will attract and close girls. May eventually get girls but will probably still suck at handling them. No real game involved.

Red Pilled Principles Game “Women already have a pussy; they don’t want another.”

Common Game

How most normal guys get laid

Real Social Circle Game Being the center of a social circle and leveraging social proof into lays, ideally with the hotter girls. You can do this with almost anything. If you are really into the warrior dash — or whatever — you could host warrior dash meet-ups or training meetings. You would be known by everyone in that scene, including every girl in the scene. Since each girl knows that every one else knows and likes you, attraction is nearly guaranteed.

Chodegame Having a high value for a particular type of girl, slowly developing toward a relationship by virtue of hanging out with each other. In this case, the guy did very little pursuing. Rather, the girl made herself extremely available. For younger couples, this typically results in an unsatisfying relationship where the woman dictates the pace and the man is further stripped of his manhood.

Doesn’t work game

Flash game Guys trying risky shit and “self-amusement,” comes off looking weird and uncalibrated. This is basically copying someone else in a superficial manner, without adopting the beliefs, attitude, and actual habits, experiences, and behaviors. It’s good to do things which destroy your comfort zone, but don’t confuse those things with game.

Friend zone game Making endless deposits of time, emotional investment, and commitment in hope of being rewarded with sex.

Long term friend zone game Marriage.

This one was kinda click-bait-y… But whatever. If you have anything to add, leave a comment below.

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