RAW Relationship Truths That Every Man MUST Know

She already has one pussy, she doesn’t need another

For the most part, she doesn’t care about your feelings. She doesn’t want to hear about your ongoing pain or struggles. She needs a strong man. She wants to believe you will always overcome obstacles, find solutions, and emerge victorious.

In life generally, complaining closes more doors than opens them.

Women are hypergamous

Women have a dual mating strategy.

They want the genetically best sperm AND a man to support her children. The guy with the best sperm has way more options and isn’t likely to support her kids, and the guy who is willing to give support probably doesn’t have the best genetic potential. Thus, she will often sort mates into one of two categories, lover or provider.

She will have discrete quick relationships with the former even while coupled with the latter. You want to be the lover, not the provider.

Most women would rather share a successful man than fuck a faithful loser.

Women are attracted to the person with the strongest frame

Frame is the subjective interpretation of objective reality. It is the meaning and context that a particular interaction is given. Having a strong frame means to have a strong belief about the way things are. Women will respond to the frame you give them. If you act like a fuckboy, they’ll treat you like a fuckboy (and possiblly fuck you if given the right circumstances). If you act like a provider, they’ll happily let you be that instead.

Assume she has the mental maturity of a child

This isn’t far from the truth. Beyond that fact that women are far more emotional (and hence subject to seemingly erratic or illogical behavior), this mindset serves another useful purpose.

You would never take a child too seriously. You wouldn’t pedastalize them or chase their approval. You’d recognize they have thoughts and feelings, and you’d respect that.

You’d know that, like a child, her thoughts and feeling are subject to change on a whim, and you can handle that because you’re the adult in the situation. Furthermore, you shouldn’t tolerate or reward bad behavior from her. In terms of a relationship, it’s your job to teach her and train her how to behave.

Emotions are, by far, the greatest gift you can give a woman

She thrives off of little spikes of emotions. Not just love or happiness. Anger, sadness, surprise, fear. In small doses, she loves it all and enjoys being led through a range of emotions.

Women and men are meant to have sex

Given enough time, if a man and woman were isolated together, they will eventually have sex. It’s a biological imperative.

In your interactions, as long as you establish a man-to-woman frame, it’s only a matter of time.

Rejection isn’t rejection. It just means not here and now.

If she isn’t enthusiastically fucking you, she’s not that into you

If she is your “girlfriend” or “wife” but she isn’t enthusiastically pleasing you, then you are her provider. She takes your time, effort, and commitment for granted, and she’s probably flirting with or fucking other men who she sees as lovers.

If you find yourself in a situation like that, make it clear through your actions. Your time and romantic attention is spent solely on women who go out of their way to make you feel good.

Spin plates

A mentality of abundance with women is exclusively created by…..

….. having an abundance of women.

Always keep your options open and pursue multiple women at once. By having multiple relationships, you’ll be less invested in any one of them. This will gave you maximum power and leverage with any single girl.

Furthermore, by spinning plates, you’ll learn far faster. You’ll get more reference experience for relationships compared to guys who are ineffectively engaged in serial monogamy.

She’s not your girl, you’re just the guy she’s with right now

Always assume that she will fuck someone else in the future.

You can try to take preventative measures. Ultimately, however, you don’t own her.

Furthermore, women’s desire and arousal can never be elicited by the facts of past services rendered by a man. Attraction and arousal are feelings. They can’t be negotiated.

Appreciate the challenge the women play in your life

As part of maintain a satisfying relationships with high quality woman, you will be eternally tested.

Additionally, the struggle to maintain value is never-ending. You must stay on a path of continual improvement and forever pursue your life’s mission (which must, by definition, be larger than just yourself or your relationship with one other person).

Don’t be bitter over this reality or resentful toward women. Instead, appreciate and be thankful for the inspirational role they play in your life.


There it is. With these mindsets in place, you are more likely to attract and retain the interest of women.

What do you think? Am I totally right? Or, way off base? Let me know in the comments.

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