Mystery’s Red-Pilled Quotes on Pick Up, Dating, and Relationships

I recently read the classic game manual, The Mystery Method.

Not only was it packed with tons of relevant material on the technical aspects of pick up, there were quite a few quotes and sections which seemed straight from The Red Pill.

Don’t listen to the haters and hawkers. Mystery Method is way more than fuzzy hat’s and outdated cold reading routines. See for yourself:


‘Frame is everything.’ It’s a fundamental red pill truth.

Though the concept of frame can be traced back to NLP, Mystery related the term to interpersonal dynamics..

“The frame is the underlying meaning. It’s the context, the implication, the unspoken assumption and everything you say… if your frame is strong enough, you can get away with anything.”

More importantly, Mystery highlighted why holding frame is important for attraction, comfort, and seduction:

“A woman will definitely test for congruence. If she can easily impose her frame over yours, it is a serious demonstration of lower value on your part. In fact, this DLV will most likely wreck any chances you had with her for sex. How can she rely on you to stand up to the big bad world on her behalf, and on the behalf of her offspring, if you can’t even stand up to her?”

Frame tests also occur between men:

“In the field, some men will also play frame games on you. If a guy can tool you in front of your set, he DHVs and can take your girl. A woman will always choose the man with higher-value and a stronger frame, and she will do it with little regard or loyalty she’s a fun little connection she had previously enjoyed with you. This may be true even if you are her boyfriend.”


Red Pill authors routinely stress that women rarely form enduring romantic attachments. Instead, women “fall in love” with the feelings they get from particular men.

This is something you either understand from experience or don’t. But here’s how Mystery relays this fact for practical implementation.

“Never be apathetic… instead of only trying to give her “good” emotions while avoiding “bad” ones, stimulate her with a range of feelings including curiosity, fascination, connection indignation, validation, laughter, embarrassment, happiness, sadness, and fear of loss. The more she is stimulated, the more compelling the experience will be for her.”

Take note, he’s not saying that you need to be emotional. Instead, you need to be able to stir emotions in women. And while Mystery is talking here about the attraction stage, this advice is useful throughout any relationship.


“An important principle in the game is that nothing is ever a big deal.”

This is one of the best summaries of amused mastery that I’ve read. Short, sweet, and to the point.


“By demonstrating a willingness to walk or to step up and call bullshit in a fun way, you demonstrate that you are being genuine with her, which creates trust, allowing her to feel safe.”

In short, if you are not willing to let her walk, you probably aren’t high enough in SMV for her. Calling her on bullshit is one way to demonstrate your willingness to let her go.


“For a girl, horniness is a less powerful motivator than jealousy….”

Also known as dread game, a reasonable fear of loss is one ingredient to successful relationship management. Never be specific, but let her imagination fill in the blanks. Again, if she thinks you have no other options, her attraction and devotion to you plummets.


What do you think? Is Mystery the godfather of red-pilled thinking? Let me know in the comments.

Check back for my short review of Mystery Method and another posts on my five biggest takeaways.

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