I Read Mystery Method, the Infamous Manual on Picking Up Women. Here’s What I Thought

The first book I read about seduction was Neil Strauss’s The Game.’* It chronicles his brief stint as part of a crew of pick-up artists led by Eric von Markovik, better know as Mystery.

It was…. meh.

But I read it at the right time in my life, not long after a break up. My luck in the singles market wasn’t anything to brag about. Thus, I looked further into it and soon stumbled through books like Bang, Models, and Magic Bullets. I browsed Seddit, then watched hours and hours of RSD videos. I wasn’t really committed to game. It was fun to dabble in and read about, but it wasn’t something I took seriously.

In fact, I wasn’t until after I quit consuming massive amounts of content that I began to take action. It makes sense. You can’t pick up a girl and watch a video about picking up girls as the same time.

Yet, in all that time, I never considered going to the source: The Mystery Method.


This changed recently. I met and occasionally winged an older American who had reasonable success pulling girls in their 20s. His style was much smoother than my own direct compliance-based style. Based on his enthusiastic recommendation, I decided to give it a read.

The Mystery Method was published in 2007, just over 10 years ago. Today, it’s often talked about like a relic or period piece. However, in reading, I found this to be far from the truth.

Not only did The Mystery Method cover all the basics I expected, it’s detailed breakdown of the M3 model was more complete than what I’d seen elsewhere. There were also a few gems of wisdom.  Most surprisingly, it was well written, far better than most other pick up literature widely available.

Some would argue, and occasionally make a compelling case for, a more direct and natural style game.

But for a more technical breakdown of seduction as a process, The Mystery Method is highly recommended. It was far more insightful and detailed than I expected, and after finally reading it, I understand why it is so widely referenced in the pick-up community.

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Mystery hasn’t disappeared. He was just featured on the Tom Torero podcast.


In the coming months, I’ll refocus this website toward lifestyle and example-based advocacy. If you want to read more about dating and pick up, I recommend these earlier posts:

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*Technically, I had previously read The Coquette (anonymously published in 1797), The Education of Don Juan by Robin Hardy, and Desiree by Anniemarie Selinko. They’re all interesting novels about seduction, but less graphically-riveting than 50 Shades of Grey.


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