How do you feel so far?

Probably pretty good if you did the challenges,… and kinda shitty if you didn’t.

That’s OK though.

The hardest part of anything is starting. Even if you didn’t do the challenge every day, it’s ok. Just pick yourself up and restart taking initiative. Don’t let a minor hiccup in the beginning prevent you from taking action now.

If you did the challenges, you may have noticed it’s easiest to do early or first thing.

I don’t know why. Maybe it has something to do with a fresh supply of daily will power. Whatever the case, especially if you have a “normal” schedule, don’t put the challenges off until 7 or 8 pm.

If you’ve been doing the challenges, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the buzz you get from facing your fears. That’s your brain’s way of rewarding you for going beyond your comfort zone. Plus, you sometimes have interesting conversations from talking to strangers. So, keep it up.

It only gets easier,.. yet harder.

Let’s push forward to week two:

>>>>Every day, disagree with someone.<<<<

Like last week, do this with someone who isn’t a social subordinate, e.g. not a service employee nor child.

Nothing too crazy. Don’t go to a bar and start ranting about politics. Arguing online obviously doesn’t count. This must be face to face.

In it’s easiest form, it could be asking someone’s opinion and then disagreeing with it. Someone could ask you to do something, and you could refuse.

Still sounds easy, right? Don’t worry, it gets bolder soon.

Also, I just published a new blog on simple mind hacks that can make talking to women dramatically easier. If you’re experiencing anxiety just opening your mouth, stop what you’re doing and read it now.

Otherwise, have fun saying no for a week..

Talk soon,