So you’re a vegan?


But here’s the harsh truth…

If you’re weak-wristed, out of shape, socially inept, ungroomed, emotionally soft, or on the brink of homelessness, then it’s not acceptable.

You are making veganism look unappealing. You might as well give away coupons to the local steakhouse.

If you’re a vegan and your life sucks, you have two choices.

First choice: stay vegan but lie about it. That’s right: tell people you eat meat for every meal. Wear a “bacon” t-shirt while you sulk.

Second choice: Make a commitment to improve. Start setting a positive example that causes people to take notice.

The Green Pill is here to help. This website and community is your intellectual, social, and emotional supplement. It’s like a b12 shot of awesomeness into life.

But there’s a major catch.

Mainstream advice about happiness, dating, and leadership is BULLSHIT.

Most people are willfully ignorant and simply want a fake, feel-good fairytale. You know this is true about food. It’s also true for everything else.

That’s why The Green Pill is filled with real, raw, actionable advice. But just like everything else, the truth is often shocking and sometimes offensive.

The Green Pill isn’t here to make you feel good. It’s not here to win everyone over or to be politically correct. It’s here to help you get results, to show you how to steer your own life in a way that inspires others.

Are you ready to step up? Are you willing to be more than vegan, to be amazing? Are you prepared to mold yourself into someone who inspires people through your actions?

If so, welcome.

Your life is about to become better, more impactful, and far more interesting.